Re: [NTLK] pretec 32 meg card dies mysteriously--film at 11!

From: Dan <>
Date: Tue Aug 18 2009 - 12:07:00 EDT

On 8/18/2009 11:15 AM, scott strungis wrote:

> If Pretec cards are prone to damage, what is another reputable
> Newton-compatible card that I can use? Right now my newt is home
> instead of on vacation with me because of the loss of storage space.
> S

The Intel cards (series Value series 100 if I remember right). Work
well in a newton and does not seem to have any problems. At least I
haven't had any. Although I don't normally press the rest button on the
back, but I have once or twice without any ill effects.

Also the Newton cards made by apple. However these are in small
capacities with 4mb being the largest. There are other brands, but I
don't recall the names at the moment. As far as I know Pretec cards are
the only ones that have this particular susceptibility. Though like
other members of this list, I tend to stay away from the reset button
with cards inserted. Ah I just did some digging in my links and found a
page talking about different cards. It is old but does give some great

By the way, one thing I should mention that hasn't been on the list in a
while. If you have a 120, 130 (or older) you might consider 4mb the
largest card to use. The reason being that the larger the card the more
heap that is taken to keep track of the cards storage space (even if
everything is frozen). Therefore a smaller card means more heap for you
to use. It may not make enough of a difference to matter (depending on
how you use your newt), but it is something to consider.


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