[NTLK] 71J059 - Year 2010 Fix: Steps?

From: Berthe M. Willumsen <bmw_at_bio.ku.dk>
Date: Tue Aug 18 2009 - 15:20:45 EDT

I'm one of the MP2100 owners that have the 710031 patch.
In 'Memory' it says: ROM version 2.1 (710031)-1.
I have downloaded
Patch-71J059.zip which expands to a folder containing
Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg
717260 Install Override.pkg
The Patch.sit expands to
30 files including the above...

1. I should ignore everynthing in the Patch.sit - right? All I would
need is in the rest.

The read me says:
"The files in this patch are:
  * Patch.pkg - the actual patch.
  * Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg - a diagosis tool for the Y2010 problem.
  * 717260 Install Override.pkg - the original 717260 patch, modified
to install over any existing patch, not used except for

However, http://40hz.org/Pages/Patch%2071J059 says:

If you have patch 710031 installed (can be checked from
"Extras/Memory Info") use the Patch Remover to remove this patch.

A post from Eckhart,
http://marc.info/?l=newtontalk&m=124331460420072&w=2, says
  "the 710031 patch needs to be removed with the 717260 Install
Override patch (it's contained
in the 71J059 patch ZIP file).

I have downloaded
PatchRemover-000000.zip which expands to
Patch Remover.pkg

2. - again, PatchRemover.sit de-compresses to a bunch of files most
of which are not mentioned so I'll ignore them?

The Readme says
"This package removes all patches from any NewtonOS 2.1 device.
To remove patches, install the "Patch Remover.pkg" file.
The tool will also clear any alarms to avoid the Year 2010 bug."

3. So, do I transfer to my Newton the 717260 Install Override.pkg
from Patch-71J059.zip
or the Patch Remover.pkg from PatchRemover-000000.zip to get rid of 710031?

Anyway, after clearing that up, this is my plan
- given my (710031)-1
- after backup and eject of cards (no freezing since it is mp2100?):

A. Via NCX and the serial Keyspan install Patch Remover.pkg or 717260
Install Override.pkg according to your instructions
B. Tap it and let it do its thing
C. Via NCX again install Patch.pkg
D. No tapping (?) - just reboot

If this reboot fails: off goes a message to support@40hz.org - right
away it says. I'll turn off the Newt and store the card with my
backup a safe place....

If the reboot results in strange behaviour
x: transfer Patch Remover.pkg again?
or tap Patch Remover.pkg again since I already have it on he Newt
- this time it'll remove 71J059

Since something was weird, it is time to find out what (if possible)
y: transfer Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg
tap it, and see if something informative is shown and relay info to

4. - does this sound right??

Sorry, all, but better safe than sorry, and all the pkg's confused me
a bit. To me, it sounds as if the 717260 Install Override.pkg and
the Patch Remover.pkg are the same, but it also seemed as if both
.zips should be downloaded and used.

Would someone in the know untangle me, please? I'd greatly appreciate that.

Denmark, MP2100
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