Re: [NTLK] 71J059 - Year 2010 Fix: Steps?

From: Berthe M. Willumsen <>
Date: Wed Aug 19 2009 - 15:17:03 EDT

A blow-by-blow for the sissies:

I tapped the Y2010 diagnostic after installation.
Don't. It rendered the Newt unresponsive and resulted in a restart
(without touching the button in the back, though). Twice. 'cause I
tend to want to see if behavior is reproducible....
After restart I backed up, and installed Patch remover. Without
closing any connections, Patch Remover (on the Newt) asked: This
patch removes all alarms. Do you want to proceed?
I tapped 'yes'
The Newt said 'Installing Patch Remover'. For a while.... Then:
'Patch installed. Tap OK to restart after 5 seconds '(nice touch,
Eckhard, 'not to worry, takes 5 sec'...)

Memory info now says: Rom version 2.1 (717006)-1

I then ejected my card. Maybe not necessary - but I did. I have 695k
free on internal. Hope that is fine....
Then I installed Patch. Or tried to. Things got a little confused
here; I got an errror message (on the mac): 'Patch 71J079 has
already been installed on your Newton device. Do you wish to
overwrite it?' I said 'yes'
But the the Newt said (from Dock): 'A connection error has occurred'
Perhaps the error had a number, but I missed it.
I reopened Dock, in NCX I rechose 'install package' and chose Patch,
and everything went smoothly.
The Newt says: 'Patch Installed. Tap OK to restart after 5 seconds'.

- And it did.

In Memory info: ROM version 2.1 (71J059)-1.


Thanks Eckhardt!


>On Aug 18, 2009, at 22:20 , Berthe M. Willumsen wrote:
>> Sorry, all, but better safe than sorry, and all the pkg's confused me
>> a bit. To me, it sounds as if the 717260 Install Override.pkg and
>> the Patch Remover.pkg are the same, but it also seemed as if both
>> .zips should be downloaded and used.
>You're right, I'm planning to clean this up a bit!
>In short, the steps are:
>- install Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg
>- take a backup
>- install Patch Remover.pkg if you have patch 710031 installed
>- install Patch.pkg
>After both installations, the Newton will ask to reboot.

Denmark, MP2100
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