[NTLK] Uh oh

From: Leo Titus LeBron V <iamdigitalman_at_mac.com>
Date: Sat Aug 22 2009 - 05:45:04 EDT

Hey guys. Long time, no post. Though I do get the digest.

Anyways, I decided to open up my emate and see if the hinges needed
repair, as the guy I got it from was not really sure. To my sadness,
they had not been repaired, and the cable was wedged under one of the
pins. I carefully removed it. It looked really bent, but nothing seemed
to be broken. So, I repaired both hinges, and reassembled it partailly.
It boots, the screen comes up perfectly, but I have no touch. something
in that died.

Also, in the midst of reassembly, one of the flaps for the PCMCIA cover
broke off (broken tab), and the threads for the 2 screws for the left
(non display cable) hinge got destroyed, leaving a busted portion of a
screw, and a stuck one in the holes.

So, as sad as I am to see this broke, shall I sell it for parts and get
another one (preferabally one with a battery tray and fixed hinges), or
do I try to repair it fully?

Oh, my hinges did get quite loose these past few months, so I knew it
was getting close. Should have done the repair or had it done when I
first got it.

I do have my 2k to fall back on, which I really do find to be a much
better machine. Faster processor, more memory, 2x the expansion,
detachable keyboard, microphone. The emate is what it is, a stripped
down educational newton, and I barely use it as it is.

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