[NTLK] Success - ROM 717006 -> 71J059 Patched for Y2010 (Wireless Once Again)

From: R A Parker <QuadzillaNET_at_SBCGlobal.NET>
Date: Sat Aug 22 2009 - 19:14:00 EDT

All you need time... my 2100 is back online with a little help from:

Steve Weyer's Newts Cape
Paul Guyot's ATA Support
A wireless eMate 300

For those of you who are ready (and waiting) to apply the patch to your Newton for Y2010, wirelessly, I have a recommendation:

Use the 717260InstallOverride.pkg instead of the PatchRemover.pkg

The reason: If you happen to remove your current ROM patch and then reset yourself to an original Newton 717006 version ROM, your Wifi card will no longer be recognized. You will be boot-strapped until you can upgrade to ROM version 717260.

Another recommendation: Prior to updating, upload the packages you need to a Newts Cape accessible web location. Then, download the patches to your Inbox. This even works with an eMate for downloading it, then moving it around with an ATA Card to your 2100. From your Inbox, you Put Away on the Newton you want to update, the ROM patch installs and then restarts automatically. Smooth as silk.

Eckhart: It would be a good idea to have the packages (themselves) available (directly) from a friendly host. Maybe: <http://newton.tek-ed.com/> Eliminates the extra steps, just so that you can download them using Newts Cape.

I've got 'em here (temporarily for my use) for example:


mmm... How I've missed HWR for emails!


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