Re: [NTLK] MP2100 Offset of Recognition

From: Ed Kummel <>
Date: Mon Aug 24 2009 - 16:05:05 EDT

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--- On Mon, 8/24/09, Stefan Thorsteinson <> wrote:

From: Stefan Thorsteinson <>
Subject: [NTLK] MP2100 Offset of Recognition
Date: Monday, August 24, 2009, 2:59 PM

Hi All,

I'm noticing that my 2100, for no apparent reason that I can trace, will
start offsetting the point of recognition of a tap on the screen. If I tap
on an X to close an app., it thinks I tapped a spot to left. Just enough to
make typing frustrating. For example: If using the onscreen keyboard a "t"
becomes and "r", a "j" an "h" etc.

Has anyone else experienced this? I've had to do a hard reset in order to
rectify in the past. Is there a better way?

Thanks in advance for any insight.
Stefan Thorsteinson

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