[NTLK] OT Iphone humanized specifications, are we moving forward or backward?

From: jg <dotline7_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Aug 27 2009 - 13:46:48 EDT

Every device has a specification. After reading about Iphone on internet,
after using Iphone 3G in 2 months, after watching a lot of videos on
YouTube, I propose a humanized Iphone specification. I didn't find it
anywhere. None is interested?

Specification (humanized)

General: Iphone can be used by humans.

Who can use it:
Age 15 to 48, blood pressure not higher than 115/70, heart bit not more than
70/min, weight less than 70kg and less than 170 cm long. Can't be used after
alcohol or drug consumption. Input thumbs should have optimal dimensions 1cm
by 1cm.

Where it can be used:
Quite room, temperature 20-23 C, humidity 30% to 40%, mild light.

Where it can't be used:
when driving a car, cycling, motorcycling, looking for parking place,
shopping, going, laying in bed, when stressed, in hot temperature and high
humidity, when nerves, with one hand, caring a suitcase, riding on horse,
off road, in a very cold weather (in winter outdoors), on a boat when storm
comes, under fire, hurricane, when part in a car accident or any other
accident, when you house is burning, being excited, when calling police or
fire brigade.

Recommendation: use double examination gloves to dump screen
oversensitivity. This will also protect you from steady oncoming pandemics.
Carry sedatives with you in case you need them after trying to write a very
urgent email with a 2.5cm by 2.5cm thumb, which is normal for 50 years old

Otherwise: otherwise treat it like a beautiful woman, with respect, and
think it perhaps would be more practical with less fancy one. Or carry BB in
back pocket.

All the best

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