[NTLK] Returning to the list and a working Notes to PDF solution

From: Karl Maftoum <kmaftoum_at_fastmail.com.au>
Date: Sun Aug 30 2009 - 04:48:18 EDT


Firstly, I'm a returnee to the Newton (and the list) after about nine
years away from the platform, during this period I kept my mini-
collection (OMP,100,110,emate) but didn't put any into substantial use.

Recently, however, I've developed a need for a way of organising
meeting notes in my workplace, as I had many different notebooks and
transcribing things was taking a considerable amount of time.
Therefore, I've turned back to the Newton as a solution and acquired a
2100 to use. This has proved quite successful, as I can keep
everything in a central location, backed up, filed for easy reference
and well organised.

Secondly, out of sheer necessity, I've managed to get a working Notes-
>PDF solution. It's a bit convoluted to setup, but once working is
very automated.

I searched the list a came up with a previous thread that discussed
the basic concepts and from that I've set mine up as follows:

My 2100 is configured to print over the wireless via Appletalk to a
Solaris system (just about any Unix/Linux would do however) using
Netatalk and CUPS-PDF. The PDF's are written into a directory which is
shared via Samba with my OS X system. The printing is very fast and
the output is excellent, sketches and text etc all work like a charm.
If anyone is interested I can provide more information on how it is


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