[NTLK] OT: Better keyboard, mouse for iMac alu midsummer 2007

marius hristache mhristache at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 8 20:14:16 EST 2009

I think the best are trackballs.I'm using this kind of extension for many years,especially the Logitech type.

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Subject: [NTLK] OT: Better keyboard, mouse for iMac alu midsummer 2007

Dear all,

using my current iMac keyboard 


more often than before I keep feeling uncomfortable with it. It simply doesn't feel right to my fingertips when typing for a prolonged period of time. I really love the eMate's keys touch and feel - who's using something comparable with an iMac?

And the Mighty Mouse is really starting to mightily annoy me, in either cabled or bluetoothed version. It's my second replacement in as much years. I hate to say it, but I have a veteran cabled Microsoft Intellimouse which still performs like a charm. Is the Magic Mouse really an improvement over that mishappen scrollball disaster I'm using now?



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