[NTLK] iPhone speach recognition available

R A Parker RAParker at Newted.ORG
Thu Dec 10 01:05:07 EST 2009

OK... Privacy (policy) being specious

1.apparently good or right though lacking real merit; superficially  
pleasing or plausible: specious arguments.
2.pleasing to the eye but deceptive.
3.Obsolete. pleasing to the eye; fair.

There is no doubt with SpinVOX. (an earlier/similar thread) However, I  
am of the belief that If they say they won't do something, they better  

Some Newton-worthy testing experiences: (Tested it on my nontechnical  

Fast. Nearly real-time.

Speak, pause, continue, pause, tap to edit.

That last part is very nice and quite Newtontuitive. Tap the wrong word 
(s) and it gives a list of other <real> interpretations that usually  
contains a correct option. Two taps to get it in the clipboard and you  
have a very nice paragraph or two.

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On Dec 9, 2009, at 6:42 AM, "Dennis B. Swaney" owrote:

> Their "policy" you quote above is
> claptrap; the reason they give for
> violating people's privacy is specious

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