[NTLK] New Newton user! Also, question re. connecting to Vista PC.

Bjorn Keizers bjorn.keizers at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 12:53:17 EST 2009


Yes, I am aware that the 2100 is a superior device. But honestly, I
will mostly be using it as a dayplanner, for shopping lists and notes.
I like the retro feel of devices like this.

Besides, I always carry an iPod touch with me. Even if I started
carrying the Newton full-time. So if I need WiFi or wanted to play
MP3's, it wouldn't make sense to use the 2100. I'd need an extra bag
just to carry all the WiFI and memory PCMCIA's :-) And I doubt surfing
is as pleasant on the 2100 as it is on the Touch.

I might get one for collecting purposes or as a 'toy', but they are
rather pricy. The 130's cost next to nothing.

I'll check out some of those articles; thanks for the link!


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