[NTLK] Non-Starting MP120

Matej Horvat redjazz_slo at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 12 12:57:05 EST 2009

Frank recommends the following:

a) If you have a memory card installed, remove it. Some cards can be killed by the hard reset involved in the following procedure.
b) Remove the main batteries and the backup battery.
c) Press the power switch and put something between the switch and the case to keep it pressed (use a piece of paper or cardboard folded to the required thickness).
d) Leave the Newton alone for a day. Ignore anyone telling you 15 minutes will be enough, leave it alone for a day.
e) Make sure both the main batteries (non-rechargeable alkalines, do not use rechargeables) and the backup battery are fresh. In this context “fresh” means at least 1.5 volts each for the alkalines, at least 3.0 volts for the backup battery. 
f) Remove whatever you used to hold the power switch down and install the backup battery.
g) Install the main batteries.

This worked for me.
Note: at step C, I used a screwdriver.

-Matej Horvat

----- Original Message -----
I have a MP120, NOS 2.0, that had been intermittently not powering up.   
Now it won't power up at all, whether on battery or on the AC adapter.

Basically, it seems dead.  No response at all to reset button, power  
switch, etc.

Any suggestions on things to try?


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