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Lord Groundhog LordGroundhog at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 20:15:14 EST 2009

~~~ On 2009/12/14 23:55, Grant Hutchinson at grant at splorp.com wrote ~~~

> Just to clarify this ... the 71J059 patch does *not* actually
> supersede the 710031 patch, as the 710031 patch does contain some
> minor fixes which are not included in the 71J059 patch. As Eckhart
> notes on his site ... "The functionality of patch 710031 might at a
> later point be merged into a new patch."
> http://40hz.org/Pages/Patch%2071J059

My head hurts!   That quote comes from a paragraph that says "Patch 710031:
This patch needs to be removed before the 71J059 patch can be applied (see

So does that mean that in switching to the new patch we're losing some
functionality or other?  Any way to know what it is?


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