[NTLK] Serial Connection

Stefan Thorsteinson Stefan at TeamAircom.com
Tue Dec 15 10:28:53 EST 2009

Hi All,

I thought it appropriate to revisit this thread to ask a new question. This
is for the more experienced than myself, in the event that what I'm thinking
should never be attempted:

I have a few MP2X00, dongles and serial cables intact and still useful.
I want to try a USB connection because I finally got a hand me down Toshiba
Notebook to load Win98 onto for dedicated Newt related activities. (Just in
time to prepare for 2010.) It does not have a serial, just USB.

Has anyone tried, or have reason not to try, using the standard issue Newton
Dongle to serial cable (9 Pin serial) - then pass thru a male to male serial
adapter - then thru a female serial to PS2 adapter - then thru a PS2 to USB
adapter? Convoluted to be sure but, It does get me from the back of my
Newton to a female USB.

I really don't want to blow anything up so I figured I'd check with those
more in the know than myself first.

I would still use NCU and "Slowdown" accordingly. Thoughts welcome. 

Stefan Thorsteinson

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