[NTLK] Duplicated Packages In The Backup.

Emerson William dos Santos Moura emersonwsm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 07:55:43 EST 2009

Being more specific, I use the following configuration:
- Powerbook G3 WallStreet II;
- Mac OS 9.2.2;
- NCU (Newton Connection Utilities).

And I made complete backup and incremental too, both with serial (no
appletalk) and WiFi 811.02b (Lucent Wavelan in Newton and Powerbook).

In all cases, the duplication of packages occurs with freezed ones in
the backup file.

> You can restore incrementally from a linear card.
> I didn't think you could restore a card incrementally from a computer
> backup, but sure enough you can with NCX.
> On a Mac NCX and NCU can handle a restore via ethernet.   Some have
> had difficulty with restoring via NCX with serial.
> What you suggest seems OK.
> I would focus on restoring internal first.

Emerson W.S.Moura
Maybe the last brazilian user!

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