[NTLK] New members

Bjorn Keizers bjorn.keizers at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 14:22:29 EST 2009

Hi Andy & All,

Speaking as one of the 'December Newbies', part of what makes the
Newton so great are groups like these. I certainly would never have
bought my two Newts if there wasn't such an active community out
there. Working with retro-tech like the Emate or MP130 can be a
wonderful challenge.

Newton fans certainly seem to some of the most active and vocal user
groups. The fact that we're still developing for a platform that's
been 'dead' for over a decade is impressive.

If we keep this up, Newton might very well outlast the iPhone's
popularity. It's certainly buried more then a few of its successors.
Anyone remember...

* WIN-CE powered palmtops?
* Psion's Epoc / early Symbian?
* Or the Palm platform? (Do they still make non-smartphone devices?)

Many have tried, but it seems like you just can't kill that Newton spirit :D

I'm off to play with my MessagePad buh-bye!

Bjorn Keizers

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