[NTLK] Reputable Newton/parts dealer?

Joseph bender_2982 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 22 02:20:21 EST 2009

This is my own experience, and may not be typical, so caveat emptor:
I bought my MP 2000 from this seller (actually, the same listing -- it gets relisted when it ends, as they seem to have a lot of them):


In my experience, the condition of my unit was actually much better than they told me it would be in the ad.  They say to expect slight scratches and marks but mine looked as if it had been carried by a meticulous owner for a few weeks and then put down.  I also bought a cable from them, and it didn't appear to have been used at all.
I won't say that your mileage won't vary, but $35 seems fair for a good condition unit.  Bear in mind that there is no battery or stylus included, though.  I was lucky to have found a battery tray somewhere else for $5.  The guy didn't really know what he had, and neither did I at the time.  I was thrilled when I saw how much they sometimes go for.
I recommend them for parts and such, but you may possibly find a better deal on a complete unit somewhere else.  I definitely advise getting a battery tray whatever you do.  Recelling an old battery pack may work just fine, but the world will probably never run out of rechargeable AAs.  :)
eBay is great, just read the fine print several times.  Sometimes you will end up with a bad item, but I never have yet.

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--- On Sun, 12/20/09, Craig Campbell <shirokuro73 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Actually I purchased an eMate 300 from eBay a few years ago
> but it never arrived, so I'm a bit wary about going the eBay
> route - unless someone can recommend a reputable eBay
> seller?

You might also want to consider a "WTB" (Want To Buy) post on the NewtonTalk list.

I don't know what kind of response you'll get, but there's always the possibility someone on the list has one lying around and would be willing to part with it for a bit of Christmas cash. :)

Just an idea. [shrugs]


James Fraser


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