[NTLK] Patch Confirmation?

James Wages james at kiramek.com
Wed Dec 23 03:28:46 EST 2009

Okay, folks.  I've successfully patched my 2100 with 71J059.  Here are the

1) I downloaded this file:

2) Upon decompressing it, I saw these 5 files:

717260 Install Override.pkg
Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg

3) I booted my SE/30 into System 7.5.5.  I then connected my serial cable to
the Printer port and then to the SER001 on my 2100.  I then launched NCU
(patched version that gives me 57600 via serial), launched the Dock on my
Newton and initiated a 57600 connection via the Newton. It connected without
a hitch and then I proceeded to do a backup of the Internal store, including
all packages.  Unfortunately, I kept getting an error that said my SE/30
stopped the connection.  I tried it 5 times, then gave up.

4) At this point I launched SBM Utilities on my 2100 and performed a backup
of the Internal store to a spare 4MB linear card I had.  Worked very fast
and no errors.

5) I then used the Dock again to link back to my SE/30 and I installed the
Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg.  It installed over the serial cable just fine.  Not
sure what killed my backups via serial, but I won't worry about that now.

6) I then searched for the package but couldn't find it on my Newton.  After
5 minutes of searching I realized this package started with a Y not a D and
then I found it.  Duh!

7) I launched the package and cleared my alarms.

8) I then found the Fix2010 patch in my extras drawer and deleted it.

9) I then installed the "Patch.pkg" via the Dock and my SE/30 over serial.
At the very end of the install (just when the progress bar gets to the far
right of the dialog, it told me that if I click the OK button my Newton
would restart in 5 seconds.

10) Before clicking that OK button, I wanted to eject my 32MB linear.  I
lost one 32MB linear card in the past during a restart, and I wasn't about
to lose another (especially at the price I paid for it).  I ejected it and
one package complained so I reinserted.  I then ejected it again and Clarity
complained so I inserted it again.  Then I ejected it a 3rd time and all was
well.  I clicked the OK button and my Newton restarted.

11) Upon restart I was pleased to see the 71J059 number appear at boot.
Then my Newton booted as Normal with no problems and I was very pleased.  I
then inserted my 32MB linear card and all was well.  I then used FastTimes
to fix my Date and Time.

12) To confirm that my date and time no longer got reset on reboot, I
rebooted again.  I was pleased to see that the correct date and time were
intact upon reboot!  This gave me pure pleasure, let me tell you.  I've been
suffering with that mess all this year, having to set the time and date
every time I reset my Newton.  This patch fixes all that.  Yeah!

13) I then launched a few apps but didn't find a problem.  But I then
launched Clarity (which I use to keep Sunday School attendance) and it
coughed up a -10061 error at me.  It wouldn't even let me quit, and each
time I tried to quit it gave me that same error.  I then restarted the
Newton again, launched Clarity and tested.  This time it worked.  Go figure.
Clarity is perhaps one of the buggiest pieces of software for the Newton,
and sadly it's the only thing I know of for the Newton to keep class
attendance.  I sure wish there was something else so I could get rid of this
error-ridden piece of garbage.  But I guess I need to move to an iPhone for

14) I tested a few more packages but didn't see any problems.

Kudos to the brilliant mind that put this together.  Excellent work!


James Wages


On Sun, 20 Dec 2009 22:59, "Berthe M. Willumsen" <bmw at bio.ku.dk> wrote:

> Download Patch 71J059 via SourceForge
> http://40hz.org/Pages/Patch%2071J059  and unzip it.  I contains 3 packages
> Patch.pkg
> Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg
> 717260 Install Override.pkg - the original 717260 patch,
> modified to install over
> any existing patch, not used except for troubleshooting
> Transfer  Y2010 Diagnostic.pkg, use to remove alarms in 2010.
> Transfer Patch.pkg, which will install over 717260 into 71J059 as described.

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