[NTLK] Removing stripped screw - eMate 300/Arrives!!!!

Woody Smith woodysmith at comcast.net
Wed Dec 23 18:58:42 EST 2009

Welcome to the list Tim.
Be sure sure to look at information re: hinge repair.


I see that others have replied.  This screw is a T8 and they usually  
don't strip unless a smaller wrench is used.  Because this screw as  
you described it would be in the bottom of a small shallow well.  If a  
New condition t8 doesn't work then epoxy the wrench into the screw and  
after full cure ti should work.

Contact me off list with you address.  If you are in US  I'll send you  
a door and screw NC, if not in US shipping should b about $1.00 USD.


On Dec 23, 2009, at 11:10 AM, Timothy Chaten wrote:

> Hello all,
> I received my very first Newton OS based device the eMate 300 today!!
> I have to say I absolutely love it!!!!
> What a joy to use and surprisingly the screen looks like its never  
> been used
> and the whole device looks mint - and it was just $30 shipping  
> included - I
> can't believe the amazing price these go for these days!!!
> My first question is that one of the battery door screws is a  
> stripped screw
> - I managed to get off the door by removing the other screw and  
> forcing the
> door off but the screw and the immediate 1cm around it of plastic is  
> still
> on it and separated from the door - I am wondering is there a way to  
> get
> that screw off and just replace the whole door.
> The unit is still great and not that big of a deal but - would love  
> to get
> it all fixed up :) OCD about those sorta things :) -
> -- 
> Thanks in Advance
> Tim

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