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Stefan Thorsteinson Stefan at TeamAircom.com
Thu Dec 24 08:22:38 EST 2009

Hi Joseph,


I just joined this year myself (47 years young). Other veterans here will
likely chime in to better guide your efforts. Also, check the archive. I've
seen similar topics covered this year.

I'm not a Mac user but I can attest to the Keyspan (USA-19HS) USB to Serial
adapter. It was recommended by people here. I'm running an LGP1 notebook
with XP-Pro SP3. Way too fast for NCU so I use 5 instances of Slowdown.exe
to get a reliable NCU connection. It has two sliders: one for speed and one
for reaction. I leave the reaction alone and slow the speed to minimum on
all five instances. 

Caution: When I went looking for slowdown I found there were a few versions
of available. What's working for me is V1.0 by Robert Hanne. The date stamp
is 8-97. Works very well in a Windows world. Not sure if it is required for
you. Again, someone else may have better insight.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Stefan Thorsteinson

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I'm a new member too (just this evening), and not TOO old (just slightly
over 40!). Resurrected my original MessagePad today from deep sleep and have
been putting it through its paces.

Now my only problem is when I last used it Macs had serial ports. Now I'd
like to connect it to my MacBook running OS 10.4 but can't quite figure how.

Any ideas out there?


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