[NTLK] What is yours called - was [Backlight Replacement]

Goodwin, Greg P. GoodwinG at aafes.com
Thu Dec 24 08:53:02 EST 2009

From: Joel M. Sciamma

I call my main MP2K1 'Newtie' but I call my MacBook Pro 'You Bastard'.


Hmmm... my Macintoshes.  The only names I can think of...

Performa 550 - MCP  (Started with a voice sample of the MCP from TRON saying "Sit right back, make yourself comfortable.")   MCP stood for "Macintosh Computer Platform")

8600 - Dumont (Another TRON character)

I believe my first Mac Plus was referred to as my "Tank" like what Clu drove around in his grand five minutes in the movie TRON.

I'm sure my G3 Powerbooks had a name.

My Atari ST running Spectre to be a Macintosh was of course called "Spectre"  :D

So what should I name my 12" and 17" G4 Powerbooks (aside from old, since I still use them)

I think the 12" would be my new "tank", and the 17" my "Solar Sailor".

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