[NTLK] Formatting a 2 GiB CF card so that it doesn't crash?

Goodwin, Greg P. GoodwinG at aafes.com
Thu Dec 24 10:41:23 EST 2009

From: marius hristache

I'm using 2 GB Amtron smart ATA card and a 4GB Amtron smart ATA.Both Newtons are running fine,a little bit slower but not to much..I installed Heap Magic and with 320 heap it's fine.4 partitions for applications,Books,Games and Music.Better not to activate automount when you start the Newtons.Beacuse are smart cards are acting like linear flash,I mean are acting quicker 


What is "Smart ATA".  To paraphrase Socrates,

"What makes it so smart?"

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