[NTLK] FS: MP2000 with LOTS of extras

Dana W Cook dana.w.cook at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 10:53:03 EST 2009

I have not used this unit since 2005.  It has not had the 2010 patch installed.  I have purchased new and sold old computers since 2005 and do not have the gumption or time to set up the communication with the Newton and I no longer have an extra wireless router for use with the WEP free Newton.

Therefore, here it is and the whole kit for someone interested.  I will be traveling but will check email and can get this out between Christmas and New Years if needed.

Photos fo the kit can be viewed at my Flickr stream as a set and the kit includes:

Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 Model Number H0149 with no upgrades
- screen is immaculate
- door hinges are in working order
- exterior has only minor surface "rubbing" (not outright scratches)
- exterior does not have any "worn" corners (I hope you know what I mean by that)
- original stylus
- one PCMCIA blank insert (I thought I had both, but currently cannot locate the second as I almost exclusively had a memory card inserted)
- all feet present
- one 4 x AA battery tray
- one recelled rechargeable battery tray (ordered in the past 12 months - only charged once for testing - never really used)
- one original rechargeable battery with protective cap - I cannot vouch for the charge capacity - in the least, you could engage in a re-celling project
- the backlight appears to be DIM or not as bright as it was originally.  It could be a setting, but when I was inspecting it for this post, I could not find where to alter the brightness of the backlight and am not even sure if this can be done.  See further down the list for new BACKLIGHT.
- Original Serial Dongle

- it is not necessarily the box that came with the unit.  I am not the original owner of most of the kit.  I used to have two 2000's, a 120, 130 and 2 100's.  All have since gone by the wayside.  I was an original owner of a MP120, but that was swiped while I was a sales guy on the road - Yeah!
- it is a box for the combo kit, keyboard and MP2000 with case.  Instead of the apple stock case, I have the PDA Concepts case
- because of box, shipping costs may be higher than I would like

PDA Concepts Case
- I forget what this case was called, but I have heard folks on this list RAVE about it and I would have to agree.  It is quite large, but carries the keyboard and most accoutremont needed to do almost anything (GPS excluded - no room for typical attenae) you could do.  
- It holds keboard and has cable velcros to route cables internally, slots for PCMCIA cards, etc.
- I have an extra stylus from a HP100 inserted in an elasctic strap so that you don't have to remove the stylus from the unit when using in the case
- 12 credit card slots (it can replace your wallet!)
- case is in great shape - no tears and little wear - even though I was not the original owner, it only let my house once.

Cabled Communication Accessories
- Serial to Serial cable - 8-pin round to 8-pin round
- Keyspan 2-port serial to usb adapter (P/N USA-28)
- Newton Serial to 9-pin serial cable
- Belkin 9-pin serial to USB adapter
* the first two can be used together and the second two can be used together - I cannot recall why I ended up with two solutions

Wireless Communcation Accessories
- Linksys Instant Wireless Network PC Card - WPC11 (this card is the correct voltage and works quite well with the Newton MP2000) - this was my primary mode of communication with the unit for mail and internet (though the internet was mainly frustrating for me - mail was fine)
- Pico Bluetooth PCMCIA card - although I purchased this about a year ago (communicated the surplus through this list), I never did get it installed to test, etc.  (purchased in 2008)

Storage Accessories
- Apple Newton 4MB Flash Storage Card and ORIGINAL BOX
- IBM Microrive (1 GB)  Purchased for $350 back in the day (way back)
- Hitachi PCMCIA adapter for the microdrive (purchased in 2004 or so for use with the MP2000)  It works, but it is sluggish because of the slower technology and the partition sizes, etc - see list archives for technical info)
- 20 MB Flash Card from Performance Plus (labeled Series 2+) - this card has most of the programs that I used and was basically a permanant fixture in the unit - I have a case for it as well
- SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash Card - purchased for use with the MP2000 but like many of these items, I never found/made the time to get it going.

Power Accessories
- Orginal Apple Newton 9W Compact Power Adapter

Misc Accessories
- White Backlight - purchased in 2006 from eBay as a future back up to the backlight that I have now.  I only opened the original mailing envelop and did nothing else but store it.  
- Concept Kitchen screen protectors - 9 in total (there was one originally on the screen but I removed it to replace and never did)

- DataViz data sheet
- MessagePad2000 and Newton Keyboard Carrying Case Instruction Sheet
- Newton Solutions Guide booklet
- Notion User Manual
- Enroute Registation Card
- Enroute User Manual
- Original Newton Software Sampler pamplet AND 1.44 MB Floppy Disks
- Original Newton MessagePad Handbook (385 pages, copyright 1996)

That's it.

I am hoping someone could suggest a value for this kit.  If, after discussing on the list, if there isn't any serious interest, I may end up boxing it all or eBaying.

At this time, I would like to thank EVERYONE on the list for helping me over the few years that I was back to using my NEWT and helping me with wireless and internet and mail.  All the programmers over time that have kept the platform viable to date, specifically Hiroshi's Wireless apps and the supporting code, AVI'a backdrop, the Newton Archive for keeping solutions available to the community and to Sonny for all of his kind words on the list and support of the community.


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