[NTLK] FS: MP2000 with LOTS of extras - Interest for my first MessagePad -

Dana W Cook dana.w.cook at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 13:24:51 EST 2009

I am heading out the door and hope to get a chance to respond in detail when I arrive at my next destination - I will be driving.

Think about what you would consider a reasonable offer.


On Dec 24, 2009, at 12:53 PM, Timothy Chaten wrote:

> Wow Dana that is fantastic - I do not own a MessagePad yet and would love to
> get the MP2000 as my first MessagePad Newton.  I just got into Newts this
> month and started with the eMate but really want to move up and try a MP2000
> for everyday use.
> So yes - I would be very grateful if I could buy that kit from you - I like
> knowing they come from a good home :)
> -- 
> Thanks
> Tim
>> I have not used this unit since 2005.  It has not had the 2010 patch
> installed.  I have purchased new and sold old computers since 2005 and do
> not have the gumption or time to set up the communication with the Newton
> and I no longer have an extra wireless router for use with the WEP free
> Newton.
>> Therefore, here it is and the whole kit for someone interested.  I will be
> traveling but will check email and can get this out between Christmas and
> New Years if needed.
>> Photos of the kit can be viewed at my Flickr stream as a set
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/28273644@N03/sets/72157623062487054/
>> and the kit includes:
>> Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 Model Number H0149 with no upgrades
>> - screen is immaculate
>> - door hinges are in working order
>> - exterior has only minor surface "rubbing" (not outright scratches)
>> - exterior does not have any "worn" corners (I hope you know what I mean
> by that)
>> - original stylus
>> - one PCMCIA blank insert (I thought I had both, but currently cannot
> locate the second as I almost exclusively had a memory card inserted)
>> - all feet present
>> - one 4 x AA battery tray
>> - one recelled rechargeable battery tray (ordered in the past 12 months -
> only charged once for testing - never really used)
>> - one original rechargeable battery with protective cap - I cannot vouch
> for the charge capacity - in the least, you could engage in a re-celling
> project
>> - the backlight appears to be DIM or not as bright as it was originally.
> It could be a setting, but when I was inspecting it for this post, I could
> not find where to alter the brightness of the backlight and am not even sure
> if this can be done.  See further down the list for new BACKLIGHT.
>> - Original Serial Dongle
>> Box
>> - it is not necessarily the box that came with the unit.  I am not the
> original owner of most of the kit.  I used to have two 2000's, a 120, 130
> and 2 100's.  All have since gone by the wayside.  I was an original owner
> of a MP120, but that was swiped while I was a sales guy on the road - Yeah!
>> - it is a box for the combo kit, keyboard and MP2000 with case.  Instead
> of the apple stock case, I have the PDA Concepts case
>> - because of box, shipping costs may be higher than I would like
>> PDA Concepts Case
>> - I forget what this case was called, but I have heard folks on this list
> RAVE about it and I would have to agree.  It is quite large, but carries the
> keyboard and most accouterment needed to do almost anything (GPS excluded -
> no room for typical antennae) you could do.
>> - It holds keyboard and has cable velcros to route cables internally,
> slots for PCMCIA cards, etc.
>> - I have an extra stylus from a HP100 inserted in an elastic strap so that
> you don't have to remove the stylus from the unit when using in the case
>> - 12 credit card slots (it can replace your wallet!)
>> - case is in great shape - no tears and little wear - even though I was
> not the original owner, it only let my house once.
>  - Leather Boot/Sleeve
>> Cabled Communication Accessories
>> - Serial to Serial cable - 8-pin round to 8-pin round
>> - Keyspan 2-port serial to usb adapter (P/N USA-28)
>> - Newton Serial to 9-pin serial cable
>> - Belkin 9-pin serial to USB adapter
>> * the first two can be used together and the second two can be used
> together - I cannot recall why I ended up with two solutions
>> Wireless Communication Accessories
>> - Linksys Instant Wireless Network PC Card - WPC11 (this card is the
> correct voltage and works quite well with the Newton MP2000) - this was my
> primary mode of communication with the unit for mail and internet (though
> the internet was mainly frustrating for me - mail was fine)
>> - Pico Bluetooth PCMCIA card - although I purchased this about a year ago
> (communicated the surplus through this list), I never did get it installed
> to test, etc.  (purchased in 2008)
>> Storage Accessories
>> - Apple Newton 4MB Flash Storage Card and ORIGINAL BOX
>> - IBM Microdrive (1 GB)  Purchased for $350 back in the day (way back)
>> - Hitachi PCMCIA adapter for the microdrive (purchased in 2004 or so for
> use with the MP2000)  It works, but it is sluggish because of the slower
> technology and the partition sizes, etc - see list archives for technical
> info)
>> - 20 MB Flash Card from Performance Plus (labeled Series 2+) - this card
> has most of the programs that I used and was basically a permanent fixture
> in the unit - I have a case for it as well
>> - SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash Card - purchased for use with the
> MP2000 but like many of these items, I never found/made the time to get it
> going.
>> Power Accessories
>> - Original Apple Newton 9W Compact Power Adapter
>> Misc Accessories
>> - White Backlight - purchased in 2006 from eBay as a future back up to the
> backlight that I have now.  I only opened the original mailing envelop and
> did nothing else but store it.
>> - Concept Kitchen screen protectors - 9 in total (there was one originally
> on the screen but I removed it to replace and never did)
>> Documentation
>> - DataViz data sheet
>> - MessagePad2000 and Newton Keyboard Carrying Case Instruction Sheet
>> - Newton Solutions Guide booklet
>> - Notion User Manual
>> - Enroute Registation Card
>> - Enroute User Manual
>> - Original Newton Software Sampler pamphlet AND 1.44 MB Floppy Disks
>> - Original Newton MessagePad Handbook (385 pages, copyright 1996)
>> That's it.
>> I am hoping someone could suggest a value for this kit.  If, after
> discussing on the list, if there isn't any serious interest, I may end up
> boxing it all or eBaying.
>> At this time, I would like to thank EVERYONE on the list for helping me
> over the few years that I was back to using my NEWT and helping me with
> wireless and internet and mail.  All the programmers over time that have
> kept the platform viable to date, specifically Hiroshi's Wireless apps and
> the supporting code, AVI'a backdrop, the Newton Archive for keeping
> solutions available to the community and to Sonny for all of his kind words
> on the list and support of the community.
>> Dana
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