[NTLK] iPhone is not the new Newton (& announcing a Newt sell-off shortly)

Edward Kenworthy edward at kenworthy.info
Sun Dec 27 05:46:04 EST 2009

Surely that's the same as claiming a paper notepad is the successor to the Newton because I happen to use to make notes as I also used my Newton to take notes?

On 27 Dec 2009, at 09:17, Jon Glass wrote:

> On Sunday, December 27, 2009, Edward Kenworthy <edward at kenworthy.info> wrote:
>> About the only things that the iPhone has in common with the Newt are that it's made by Apple and has a touch screen.
> I view technology in a different way. I view it not by the whiz-bang
> features, but by what those features enable me to do. As such, I
> remember that my MP120 NOS 1.3 for a year back in 1995-96, to travel
> for months at a time without any other computer but my Newt. It
> enabled me to communicate by email (Aloha for aol), write and print
> letters and envelopes, track my traveling expenses, budget and all my
> car maintenence, while freeing me from being tied to a desktop.
> Without the newton, there would be no Palm, no Treo and no iPhone.
> I have, unfortunately, gotten used to my Treo's single-tasking
> limitations, but the Newton is still superior to all its successors in
> that it was designed from the ground up to multitask.
> It was also designed to leverage the communication technologies of
> it's day. That was where it shone for me.
> To end my ramblings, I have to say this. While the iPhone is in many
> ways nothing like the Newton, I am finding myself considering it in
> the same way I considered my Newton. I bought my Wind because it was
> tiny but my iPhone is tinier still. While it's not a complete
> replacement for my computer , I find I can leave it home a lot more
> than when I used my Treo. It is c
> very much the Newton's successor when it comes to what it enables me to do.
> And for those who have jail-breaker (jailbroken?) check out
> Powerswitcher! It gives genuine multitasking (together with
> backgrounder) to the iPhone and it's sweet! I found it in Cydia's Big
> Boss repo, so ignore the advice to add its repo.
> Oh and I wrote this missive on my iPhone.lovin it!
> - Jon
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