[NTLK] Calise Case for 2x00's?

Stefan Thorsteinson Stefan at TeamAircom.com
Tue Dec 29 09:39:17 EST 2009

Hi Chris,

FWIW: The money you are about to spend to get your money back may be better
spent. That is, if you like the case and want to use it for your MP2XXX. I
have the same case and use it as my wallet and Newts home. No, the pocket is
not for the MP2XXX. However, with a sharp knife and a couple of supplies
from my local sewing shop, I have a configuration that works very well.

Use the knife to cut away any portion of the pouch that is above the flat
surface of the flap, until you are left with just a flat flap. The long
slotted holes at the top and the bottom of the flap will allow the passage
of elastic strap. I used 1/2" wide black elastic strap. For lack of a better
description: "Brazier Strap". I also picked up a couple of plastic brazier
buckles, or double loops. A little experimenting with tension yielded the
correct amount to hold Newt in place. Your wife, girlfriend, or even the
ladies at the sewing shop can help with the technical part of how to loop
the elastic. Personally, I just likened it to a miniature version of a
camping hold down strap. One strap around the top and one around the bottom.
I use rechargeable batteries so the fact that one strap covers the battery
tray doesn't bother me. Cutting or punching a hole in the flap, in the right
place, gives access to the reset button if you ever need it. Total cost was
less than $5.00CDN.

Another solution might be Velcro. A couple of strips on the flap and mating
strips on the back of your Newton would work. I don't like the adhesive idea
so I stayed away from it.

If you would like to see what I did, drop me a note off list and I can send
a couple of pics.   

Stefan Thorsteinson

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