[NTLK] New members

Gary McQueen GMMcQueen at netscape.ca
Tue Dec 29 11:05:19 EST 2009

I'm also new to Newton (and this list) in 2009.  I'm 42 and live in 
Acton, Ontario, Canada (near Toronto).  I had heard about Newton before, 
and physically saw one only once.  As with other things Apple, I 
couldn't afford a Newton back in the day so I'm playing catch-up now.

I started off buying an eMate (eBay) for my daughter to help with 
school.  At least that was my excuse; I secretly wanted to play with it 
myself.  Like so many other new users, I only discovered the hinge 
problem afterwards, and it's now sitting partly disassembled in my 
basement.  (I also had to contend with stripped screws, but that was the 
previous owner's -  not Apple's - fault.)  

Before the eMate (screen) completely died I experimented with it enough 
to be throughly impressed with the Newton OS.  I realised I finally 
found a suitable replacement for my paper day planner, andI subsequently 
purchased an MP2000 for myself, and later another one for my daughter. 
 I even bought I third one that I used for experimentation so I don't 
mess up my day-to-day Newton ("Hmm, I wonder what will happen if I do 
this .....")

BTW, all three MP2000s have been upgraded with the Y2010 patch.  Thank 
you!  The eMate I'll have to leave for another time.

-- Gary McQueen  

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