[NTLK] FW: Transfer of notes with drawings to Mac/BootCamp

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Dec 29 13:27:41 EST 2009

> Is there a way I can transfer these in a displayable form to my (Snow 
> Leopard) MacBookPro?

The Newton Connection Utilities (NCU) allows exporting notes in MS Word or RTF format, so I guess
your drawings would be exported just fine. The problem is whether you can still install NCU on your
Mac and connect your Newton to it. If you can't, and if there isn't anything top secret in your
notes, you are welcome to send me a memory card or mail me a backup file with only the notes.
Shouldn't be much of a problem to export them to my PC and send them back in MS Word or RTF format.



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