[NTLK] MP 2000 Won't Detect Card

Gary McQueen GMMcQueen at netscape.ca
Wed Dec 30 11:41:05 EST 2009

Okay, solved my own problem, and probably should have waited before 
posting it in the first place.  However for the sake of other newbies 
who may encounter the same problem, here's what I did .... I removed the 
battery and left it overnight sans power; it worked after that.

I've noticed that solution had worked in the past with another problem 
(the Newton not turning on at all), so I decided to give it a go even 
though I had already tried pressing the reset button.

Now that I think of it, it must be something about handheld devices ... 
my previous Blackberry (for work) occassionally had to be reset by 
removing the battery, although it didn't require an extended amount of 
time without power to solve a freeze.  At least my Windows PC just needs 
a reboot occasionally, without the need to unplug from the wall;-)

-- Gary McQueen

Gary McQueen wrote:

>Greetings all,
>I have a 4 MB flash card (PCMCIA Type II Linear) that I use to store notes,
>tasks, dates, etc on.  I¹ve been able to switch it between two different
>MP2000s quite successfully, however today one of them stopped recognising
>that a card was inserted, in either bay.  Fortunately it is still working in
>the other one (for now, at least).
>Any suggestions on what the issue is might be?  I tried a reset, but no
>luck.  The problem occurred after I had installed Pocket Quicken, and I
>moved the wallet from the internal store to the card ... however I don¹t
>really no if that¹s related.
>-- Gary McQueen
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