[NTLK] OT:Canadian Help?

Dave Christensen dave at newrivergroup.com
Wed Dec 30 13:43:11 EST 2009


Ive used a Newt 2k since '97 and 2.1k later on.  I remember traveling
with it, having CDPD data service (along with a USR XJack card and
acoustic coupler), and people always hovering around me at airports,
hotel resturants, almost everywhere wondering what the heck is that
thing.  However over the last few years, as my rechargable battery has
failed to hold charges and im too lazy to swap NiMN cells into the AA
holder, its been supplanted by a Treo 755p and an iPhone with a Rogers

I was wondering if one of our fine Canadian friends here can help me
acquire a $100/1 year Rogers prepaid voucher so the iphone can have
signal for another year?  I can send funds via PayPal or send a US

I need to re-up my sim card, but wont be driving south this January
when it expires nor can I purchase vouchers in the YT because, well,
theres no Rogers service up there.

(in Alaska)

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