[NTLK] "Expensive" Linear Flash (was: PCMCIA adaptor)

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The type of storage does not matter to me if the thing is "flush" with the
side of a 2100 and does not protrude out. What ATA-centric solution fits the
(my) physical requirements?


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From: Dennis B. Swaney

It is when based on cost per MB, Frank. I'm going to use your 20 MB card 
as an example. Let's say the cost for the card is $30. Dividing $30 by 
20 MB gives a result of $1.50/MB.

At my local office supply store, a 2 GB CompactFlash card (the smallest 
available) is $19.48 after sales tax. Since 2 GB is roughly 2,000 MB, 
dividing $19.48 by 2,000 gives a result of $0.00974 (let's round up to 
$0.01 or 1 cent) per MB. ......

When dealing with any platform, the memory and storage is always relative.

A friend of mine had a 386 laptop with 100 mb hard drive in the mid

However, he found the 20 mb hard drive of a Mac Plus (and how tightly the
code was worked) to be very effective, and sold the laptop for a Mac Plus.

The 32 mb card on the Newton might be pricey at times, and yes, compared to
a 2 gb card it might not seem like much.  However, for the Newton where a
newsgroup reader is only 65K that 32 mb of space goes a long ways.

You don't start really NEEDING regular space till you start dealing with
MP3's, and in truth it is not really that great a player.  And ATA storage
is slow, slow to load with files, and prone to loose all you spend hours

The linear flash is worth it on the Newton.

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