[NTLK] J&K Sales MP2000 eBay - $35

Gary McQueen GMMcQueen at netscape.ca
Thu Dec 31 11:44:27 EST 2009

I've bought two MP2000s from J&K Sales and haven't had any problems. 
 It's worth reinforcing, though, two points that J&K mention in their ads:

1)  Expect some minor screen blemishes (possibly).  One of mine has 
them, but it doesn't affect how they work and are only noticeable in 
bright light (such as the one inconveniently place above my desk at 
work!).  On the other one from J&K the screen is perfect.

2)  They typically sell them without batteries or stylus.  However you 
can pick up battery trays that take regular AA batteries and styli 
elsewere on eBay (if J&K doesn't sell them).

-- Gary McQueen

Tim Chaten wrote:

>I am in search of getting a MP2000 and am wondering if anyone has  
>expierence with J and K Sales and the MessagePads they sell on eBay.  
>Are they in good quality/recommended?
>Anyone looking to get rid of a MessagePad 2000?
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