[NTLK] MP 2000 Won't Detect Card

Woody Smith woodysmith at comcast.net
Thu Dec 31 13:30:23 EST 2009

Even though I saw that you had solved your problem with the linear flash card I am concerned that something else might be going on.
I have been following this list for a long time and have not heard about this kind of issue before.  It seems from your description to be the Newt and not the card.  I have experienced intermitant errors with a card as it began to fail but not a failure in the card being noticed.  I have on the otherhand had problems with my accelerated 2100 in seeing anythin on the PCMCIA port if reset with it accelerated.
Othersw in the past have reported that the use of the incorrect PC card blasnk has lead to damaging one of the pins by breaking its solder connection but this would be slot specific.  Next time try a different card such as a communications card.

The other issue you mentioned could be related to intermittent power loss.  I hav had my Newt refuse to start following frequent removal of the battery when I was refining fit following re-celling it.  I recommend that you check tensiln on the Neg contact and clean all contacts with a mild abrasive such as a pencil eraser.

Good luck.  I hope it is nothing serious.

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Greetings all,

I have a 4 MB flash card (PCMCIA Type II Linear) that I use to store notes,
tasks, dates, etc on.  I¹ve been able to switch it between two different
MP2000s quite successfully, however today one of them stopped recognising
that a card was inserted, in either bay.  Fortunately it is still working in
the other one (for now, at least).

Any suggestions on what the issue is might be?  I tried a reset, but no
luck.  The problem occurred after I had installed Pocket Quicken, and I
moved the wallet from the internal store to the card ... however I don¹t
really no if that¹s related.

-- Gary McQueen

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