Re: [NTLK] Chat programs redux

From: Scott Hoffman <>
Date: Mon Feb 02 2009 - 15:47:57 EST

Hi again,
       Thanks for your replies - I am going to ditch NewtJab for now
and stick with ChatBuddy and NIM.
       Don't have much time to troubleshoot today but hope tomorrow
I'll be able to get to it.
       I had an issue with the Basic with NewtJab. With ChatBuddy I
can log into a chat room on IRC but
can't seem to type anything... it just "sits" there. I verified it
by logging into the same room using "ircle"
on my WallStreet. I could see the Newton log in but nothing further.
       Thanks for your time and I'll post further as I work on it.
       BTW Josh, the second of the two links mentioned in your blog
post somehow redirected me to eBay.

       Take care,

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