[NTLK] Griffin G4Port kit works great with OS X 10.5 and NCX

From: Stephen Rudy <srudy_at_cudc.org>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2009 - 12:06:52 EST

I haven't seen much information on using this product to connect to a Newton. I have found it to be the most reliable serial connection to my Newton 2100 in OS X 10.5 when used with NCX.
Apple G4 2001 Desktop "Quicksilver."
Griffin G4Port serial port adapter
Standard Apple Mini8 DIN printer cable
Newton Keyboard Dongle

OS X 10.5.6
Latest Griffin OSX drivers. (I think they are for 10.3)

In the network settings of OS X, I went to the G4Port adapter, clicked on advanced, called it a Null Modem and set the speed at 115,000 (It doesn't seem to matter where I set it.)
In NCX, I selected the G4Port in the connection preferences.

The connection has been (nearly) faultless. The only issue I have found is that I can't back up my "dates" from the internal storage, but I can back it up from the backup card. I highly doubt this has anything to do with the G4Port adapter.
The G4Port adapter is working much better than the USB to serial port adapters and the kext changes I have to make to get mine (I/O Gear) to work at all. With the USB adapter, I found myself having to do weird stuff like reboots, plugging and unplugging Newton and the USB adapter. Too shaky for me. The G4Port has been rock solid and was easy to implement.

What is (was?) the Griffin G4 port:
It is an internal serial port adapter that replaces the modem card and jack on the G4 Macintosh desktop computers. It was sold by Griffin. I found mine on e-bay I think.
Sure you loose your internal modem (If you have one), but I don't consider that to be a major issue for me at this time.

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