[NTLK] Ethernet Connectkit?

From: Charles Kuttner <ckuttner_at_jhu.edu>
Date: Sat Feb 07 2009 - 22:34:15 EST

OK, OK, I admit it: I've been a lurker and not active on this list for

My MP2100 has been sitting idle on a shelf. It's a shame, as I have a
good case, keyboard, etc. And now I've been needing a compact
computer with keyboard to carry to my office, and that can hook up the
Windoze network at work so I can print. And that will interface with
my Macs at home.

I've even considered buying a <shudder> Windoze notebook, but my Mac
sensibilities, not to mention my pocketbook, rebel at the thought.

And my Newton's serial connector is dead, I've never gotten around to
getting one of those gadgets that replaces it.

Then I looked on that famous auction site, and found what is described
as an Ethernet Connectkit. [I won't post the link, I think that's why
a prior attempt at posting failed]

This seems to be the solution to my woes, he has good seller
ratings....do any of you folks have any experience with this set? For
under $50, it sounds like a good deal. But of course, I'd still have
to get one of those circuit boards to get a serial connector going
again--I'd appreciate any leads on that, too. The one place I found
(newtonsales.com) didn't respond to my query.

(and I promise I'm not some kind of shill for the seller. I just would
like to resurrect my Newton!)

Thanks in advance


Charles Kuttner, MD
Portland, OR
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      is a house cat (felinus domesticus) with an electric can opener

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decided to see beyond the imperfections.

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