Re: [NTLK] Getting Nethopper to work on Einstein Platform

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Mon Feb 09 2009 - 10:58:12 EST

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 10:36 AM, Frank Lowney <> wrote:
> Does that mean that the Einstein emulator cannot emulate TCP/IP
> activity? That would make my efforts to get Nethopper and other
> Newton web browsers to work an exercise in futility. Advice on that
> please.

Yes, Einstein does not support TCP/IP yet so you won't be able to
actually connect to anything with Einstein. If you just want to show
screenshots of the NetHopper interface (without any page loaded) then
you'll need to install NIE and all that jazz.

> Another source of confusion for me is the fact that the documentation
> and online repositories all refer to "Einstein 2007.7" but installing
> it and looking at the About dialog in MacOS X, it says: Version 2006.6!
> I had assumed that would be most
> current. Am I mistaken about that?

2007.7 is the latest. It's possible that the version string wasn't
updated in the plist that shows the version number in the about
window. As long as you downloaded that version from Google Code then
you should be good.

Morgan Aldridge

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