[NTLK] i think i killed it...

From: Charles Mangin <option8_at_option8.com>
Date: Wed Feb 11 2009 - 12:50:22 EST

i bought a used emate off ebay recently. for a song, since it had
suffered hinge death.

i determined to open it up and repair the hinge, along with the
display cable - both of which were successful.

i was able to test the emate still partly disassembled and everything
worked great. once i had everything put back together, however, i got

the power indicator light comes on green when i attach it to AC power
- i removed the dead battery pack, so it only runs/ran on AC for now.
nothing else happens. no boot chime, no backlight, nothing on the
screen, etc. it's dead, except for the LED power indicator. i've tried
all the various hard- and soft resets i know of, and even disassembled
the emate again to be sure i hadn't misplaced a screw or left the
hinge switch set to sleep.

are there any suggestions for what to try next? might i have killed
something when i ran it briefly whilst disassembled? what, if
anything, should i test?

  charles mangin | globetrotting Newton user

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