Re: [NTLK] For the curious: all symbols in the MP2100 ROM...

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Thu Feb 12 2009 - 03:54:55 EST

On 12.02.2009, at 01:01, Lord Groundhog wrote:

> We're plainly being 199, at least to those who don't want to have to
> 1328.

OK, now I am *realy* curious what the symbol 'BadWickedNaughtyNoot
actually does within the system. I am delighted by the humor of the
system developers, and I assume that they never expected this to show
up publicly. Any of you guys reading this?

I am very tempted to dig deeper. It is no problem to dump all text,
all graphics, and all sounds - I just have to come up with an extended
numbering scheme, so we can refer to the grinning alien by A-1549, for

  Matthias, A-1549 ;-)

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