Re: [NTLK] Dear Steve Jobs... (your help is needed)

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 2009 - 05:33:55 EST

On 13.02.2009, at 05:13, L.W. Brown wrote:

> Which sounds like perhaps Avi's fix only caused a problem while the
> date rolled over this past Jan.1.
> If so, then could it be that there will not be another problem if the
> fix is installed this year?
> Has anyone faked a rollover from `09 to `10?
> On 12. Feb., 2009, at 22:58 PM, Tony Kan wrote:
>> Recall Eckhart has had a preliminary look at
>> the 2010 bug and believes that the boundary
>> problem bug in Avi's fix is fixable.

Avi's fix is a good approach, but it has two flaws IMHO:

1: it is too complicated. The introduction of hexades simply won't get
us anywhere. Existing software has no clue about hexades anyways.

2: it is programmed as an extension. It should however be a patch. The
difference is that an extension will be bound into the system at some
point after booting, so we can never be sure if another resource
already requested a (wrong) time before the extension was applied. A
ROM patch would persist through all kinds of reboots (except a brain
wipe) and would be available even at boot time. Constructing a patch
apparently is classified information.

Which leads to my plan: I would like to simplify Avi's extension and
convert it into a ROM patch.

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