[NTLK] Newton Applications CD/DVD (Long Post)

From: Deb Holz <wyodeb_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Feb 14 2009 - 15:04:52 EST

Hi! I promised this to someone quite some time ago, but then life got
complicated (anyone living with chronic depression/arthritis will be able to
relate). Anyhow, I'm finally getting it done. I dedicated quite a bit of
time in hunting down and downloading Newton 2100 packages when I first got
my Newt. Now, sadly, many of the sites I used have disappeared. So--I'm
collecting and collating them all, and will burn them to DVD (let me know if
you need CDs instead). There are many books, utilities, Newton original
system software, games, math/science programs, connectivity, you name
it--even Egg Freckles. I would like to make them available to the Newton
community for the price of postage (or on the house if you're a struggling
student, single parent or the like). I didn't contact the authors for
permission to distribute. My ONLY motive is to see that these packages don't
gradually disappear. If you're looking for something and can't find it, I
might have it. I did lose some when my beloved Lombard laptop died, but I
think I found most of them again. Some of the Mac programs will work in OS
X. Some require Classic. I used a Keyspan adaptor to get many of them onto
my Newton, after getting the initial connectivity stuff on using an old
Performa 5260/120. If you would like them, please send an email to
pixelsnbytes@gmail.com. If, after you get it, you find that you are
delighted with a program or package, please consider making a small donation
to the charity of your choice.

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