[NTLK] More-Re: 2010 time/date bug

From: L.W. Brown <lwb_at_mac.com>
Date: Sat Feb 14 2009 - 20:54:57 EST

I also had removed the fix - it would be interesting to hear if Avi's
fix only caused a problem on the roll-over =this= year, but would be
fine - and maybe even beneficial - on the 2010 roll-over, as he had
intended... If so, then its problems may already be behind us, =and=
our Newts might be saved!

Also - why were some people referencing date other than 1/1/10? Was
that just when their appointments were, or is the actual bad day in
2010 =after= 1/1? In other words, do we need to test other dates?

On 14. Feb., 2009, at 18:25 PM, Tony Kan wrote:

> But then I have deleted Avi'x 2010fix. Maybe if I put it back on...
> -----Original Message-----
> an alarm for a repeating weekle event - it doesn't shut up...

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