[NTLK] Bounty on 2010 time/date bug?

From: <rjwade_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Feb 15 2009 - 04:04:12 EST

I've been watching the "2010 time/date bug" and "Dear Steve Jobs... (your
help is needed)" threads develop. I'm not entirely convinced that letter
writing will achieve what needs to happen- in the amount time that we have
got to work with.
Analogies (and apologies):

When your family pet is ill, you take it to the vet. And then you pay the
vet for his/her specialized expertise.
When your vehicle is broken, you take it to the mechanic. They'll have the
tools and experience to do the work. And then you pay them for their time.
When your Newton's OS can't handle dates into 2010, you find somebody who
was responsible for working on the code *or* somebody with the know how to
deal with it. And then you pay them for the patch.

I don't know who the developers were. Can we find them and ask them if they
signed an NDA in regard to Newton development? If yes, when does it expire?
Would any of them consider contract work? If they can't/won't do the work,
can they be hired for a consultation?

It could be useful to have somebody, who has had their hands in the code,
tell us "we were aware of the problem at the time and were planning to
address it by doing 'this', 'this' and 'this' in the next NOS release".
Might not be a fix, but it might be something we could take to Paul G. (for
instance) and pay *him* to implement.

Marching on Apple might be a good time, but what could we accomplish if we
spent the gas money on a programmer who is already in the know? They might
not care enough about the Newton any more to approach it of their own
volition. That's fine. Paying them for their time might be a different deal.

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