Re: [NTLK] Wifi Cards and Browsers

From: Dennis B. Swaney <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 2009 - 16:52:10 EST

Sonny Hung wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 3:13 PM, Ryan Vetter <>wrote:
>> As for wifi cards, I don't have the exact brand but I will check for it...
>> but I will tell you this. On a PowerBook 2400c list, someone managed to
>> install internal wifi. I want to use the same technique with the newton.
>> Essentially, you obtain a wifi PC Card that sort of is meant to go
>> internally into a machine, wrap the antenna around the side of the device,
>> and it works.
> Hey Tony and Ryan,
> This is the one that you should consider if you want to use it with your
> Newton and the least amount of extension outside of the Newton.
> You could also try using an antennae extension and place it inside the
> Newton but I've not found one to test with. I would try it with the antennae
> from a Pismo screen I have in the basement but that will have to wait till I
> have real free time in the near future. HTH with this thread as I waited for
> someone to respond before chiming in.

For some reason Sonny's & Ryan's post on the subject "Re: [NTLK] Wifi
Cards and Browsers" is showing up under the "[NTLK] ANN:
February Specials" thread.

Dennis B. Swaney
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