[NTLK] [ADMIN] Starting a new thread? Please create a new message.

From: Grant Hutchinson <grant_at_splorp.com>
Date: Thu Feb 19 2009 - 18:40:45 EST

Hello folks.

This is a semi-regular reminder of an often forgotten bit of list

There have been a number of new topics on the list that have been
started by simply replying to old threads. This makes individual
threads very hard to follow when browsing in some email clients - and
the list archives. Please review the following when posting a new
topic to NewtonTalk.

 From the NewtonTalk FAQ:

When creating a new topic, please start with a fresh message in your
email software by using the "Compose", "New Message", or similar
command. Do not simply "Reply" to an existing list message and replace
the subject and body. When you use "Reply", your email software
ensures that your new message is included in the existing thread of
the original topic. This causes confusion for people who rely on
"threading" or "messsage grouping" in their email software and in the
list archives.

Thanks for listening. Carry on.



Grant Hutchinson
NewtonTalk List Dad & Web Custodian


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