Re: [NTLK] Desperately seeking connection (MessagePad 2100)

From: Marius Hristache <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 2009 - 06:07:00 EST

Try to uninstall Lantern Patch and More WiFi Cards because are useless for Lucent.The Gateway IP is your router IP(for example mine is,check again this.Also check the WEP encription for your Lucent Silver must be 64 that means 10 digits.If the driver for Lucent was not registered install it again otherwise you can't use WEP.


On 20-Feb-09, at 11:59 PM, David Neale <> wrote:

Years ago I had it all working: email, Internet server, Web browsing…
But then I was living in Belgium. I must have done something, for
after I stopped using my MessagePads for several years because of
family problems and a subsequent move to Spain, I can't get any sort
of Internet connection again.

The setup is a MessagePad 2100 with a Lucent Technologies Orinoco
Silver WiFi card.

Installed packages include:

802.11b WaveLAN (driver for Lucent Technologies WiFi card)
(the card is recognised and has been set up)
Newton Devices
Newton Internet
NIE Ethernet
NIE Patch
POP Mail

Internet Setup is as follows:
Configuration: Manual
Card: Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE
Subset Mask:
Local IP Address:
Gateway/Router Address:
Primary DNS/Name Server Address:
Domain Name: <None>

(I have no idea what must be entered in Primary DNS/Name Server

Owner Info is completed for incoming and outgoing email.

When I try to send mail, the following occurs:

After clicking Send, I see

David Neale
Using Ethernet Manual (the correct name of the Internet setup)
Card Lucent WaveLAN/IEE

I tap Connect and see:
Initializing Please wait

immediately followed by the error:

Newton Sorry, a problem has occurred. (-48404)

I close the error message and tap the Stop button in the Initializing
Please wait tab.

Disconnecting then seems to function correctly.

Using Courier to attempt to access a URL, a similar Connect process is
followed and then,

Getting Internet Address (followed by the requested URL)

This disappears after about a minute -- no error message, no result
shown at all, just a blank page. This is the same for all URLs.

I haven't tried setting up a MessagePad as a web server again yet, as
I fear something very basic is wrong. But what? Any suggestion?

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