Re: [NTLK] Desperately seeking connection (MessagePad 2100)

From: David Neale <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 2009 - 09:04:23 EST

Hello Tony,

The Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE setup is as follows:

Mode: Infrastructure
Channel: 1 (Ignored)
SSID: David
WEP Key: string use WEP unchecked
the password of my local network

Nothing checked in Advanced Setting

You write, "Set the router to Open System, rather than Shared Key." I
take it this is an AirPort setting? I shall have to check that, but I
assume it is so, as visitors can use the AirPort with no problem
(after Joining, of course).

What I find particularly worrying is the -48404 error. All I can
discover is that it is an "Expected a number" error, which gets me
nowhere! Do "conflicts" exist between Newton software? Perhaps I
should clear everything off and start from scratch!


On 21 Feb 2009, at 01:19, Tony Douglas wrote:

> Hi,
> What have you got in your card setup as regards WEP & so on ? If
> using WEP make sure the keys match and remember to set the router to
> Open System, rather than Shared Key (had me pulling my hair out for
> ages before spotting that one).
> Hope that helps,
> - Tony

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