Re: [NTLK] Any tips on using Mail V? This is my first email o

From: Ryan Vetter <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 2009 - 02:21:52 EST


Thanks Ron and Matt for getting back to me. Ron, I deleted some stuff and now have 1000k free on the internal store. I installed Mail V on the PC Card and now no trace of it on the internal store. Still getting the not enough memory to complete the task message when trying to receive mail with Mail V in In/Out Box. I ensured that all new packages and files go to the PC Card, and that in the In/Out Prefs new files are not set to be stored internally.

Here is a video of the problem (sorry, mirrored image so backwards text). It shows what happens when I try and receive mail with Mail V on the MP 2100 running the now same version as yours (Paul's patched 2.1 update).

My email address and passwords are correctly entered into the owner slip as well.

Video (late night Newton toying in Vancouver):

Now, I uninstalled Mail V, and loaded Simple Mail, but I left all the other Mail V add ons installed on the PC Card. I can send mail, but nothing happens when I try and receive mail. I connects to the internet, connects to Yahoo, and then shuts down with no error message and no emails. I have unread mail from today in there, and it is set to download mail with a rule to ignore anything older than 1 day.

So Simple Mail does not give me the memory errors that Mail V does. Interestingly, Simple Mail will give me an error if the outgoing mail server's address is not affixed with a port number (i.e. The error in this case is:

Server error "-ERR popgate unknown command".

So I have just left the port number in there in pop settings in owner info, and now it just connects to the web, then to yahoo, but nothing shows in my inbox (made sure to select the yahoo store from the top right of screen as well as all).

Triple Gin and Tonic is now being mixed. I know I won't be able to sleep much tonight with this unsolved.


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