Re: [NTLK] Desperately seeking connection (MessagePad 2100)

From: Ian P. Currie <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 2009 - 17:36:57 EST


On Mon, 23 Feb 2009 20:01:27 +0100, David Neale wrote:
> Today I wiped my second MP 2100 and started the installation of the
> various packages needed for Internet access from scratch.

Again, sorry for the late response.

This is an adapted version of a post I sent many moons ago. If you
haven't been through all this exactly as I have it here, maybe worth
trying again:

- ... I downloaded a fresh copy NIE 2 from
and a fresh copy of Hiroshi's driver from .

- I used Remove It to delete the existing NIE 2 files + the existing
copy of Hiroshi's driver from the Newt.

- Reinstalled everything in
the order directed by Victor Rehorst in . I did
a Reset on the Newton after each package install.
1-Internet Enabler
2-Internet Setup
3-Newton Devices
4-Ethernet support
5-Hiroshi's WaveLan Driver

-Put the card back in the Newt, configured it as follows:

WEP Yes (String - 15 characters) (NB - I am now using no encryption)

-Did a new Internet Setup
Card - Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE
Domain Name- None

And presto - works like a charm.

Now - the settings on the Base Station:

Wireless Mode: Create a Wireless Network
Radio Mode: 802.11n(802.11b/g compatible)
Channel: Automatic
Security: None (NB - I am now using none, but used WEP on the AEBS

DHCP beginning address is and I have no address reserved for
the Newt. The Base Station assigns one.

It's really that easy for me... no unusual settings or anything.


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