Re: [NTLK] If you need a belt pouch

From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Fri May 01 2009 - 00:16:57 EDT

~~~ On 2009/04/30 10:43, Goodwin, Greg P. at wrote ~~~

> That looks workable. You could probably remove the other pockets to
> narrow it down the one pocket if need be.

Not bad, but have you considered this:

I have two, one with the two supplementary pockets as shown and one with
only the main pocket for my Newt. You can get them with a sturdy belt clip
or with a sturdily sewn belt loop (the belt clip is very well made). The
holster is guaranteed. And the people themselves are really nice and
helpful. Among the best purchases I've ever made -- after my Newton, of
course. ;-)

I did post a report last September -- around the middle? -- detailing this
holster. I should also say it's not my discovery; I was directed to this
item by Jon Glass (thanks again, Jon!)

And to save anyone asking, no, I'm not connected in any way to them except
as a very satisfied customer.

And it looks *a lot* nicer than the Stanley one. People have actually
complimented it, especially the single-pocket model, but I find the
auxiliary pockets handy for bits and pieces sometimes so I like both.


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